Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Revive, KickStart, Breathe - What are you waiting for ?

"I am tired".
"Ah, let me do it next time"
"It was never meant to be"
"Am I kidding myself"

For as long as I can remember myself and I have lived an old soul's life! I can count the number of times I have fallen down physically. Bruised my knee, blood trickling and the familiar band aid of whiskey my dad would put on it because it would invariably be at some party that I would fall. I would seek solace in the fact that

Stop - Fast Forward to Grown up Life

A defeated soul

You cannot decide whether to laugh or to cry Should I be relieved? Is it that, which happens all over again. In exact same pattern, repetition. Is it calling a number which shall never ring Is it the silence at the other end which shall never sing Is it the memories of those good old days which urges you to strike the note,sew the broken cord Can that which is broken be built again?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Road, The River and The Ocean.

Hey you! Yes.. you! You Lost ?

Let me show you the way.

The way is really that way. Yep, the way you were headed. Your soul knows it, but your body is confusing it :)

Let me give you a bit of a hint, so it'll make the remainder of your journey a tad bit easier.

You are about to approach a fork in the road.

Fork One takes you to a River. The River Mystery. River Mystery has been tenacious to say the least. But today she is calm. You should be able to wade through it even if you don't know how to swim.

Fork Two will lead you to an Ocean. Ocean Calamity despite it's name is very serene. Its beauty spreads far and wide into another country. But you need to know how to swim and definitely need a boat. The boatmen at the banks are very aloof. They will not have the time nor patience to teach you how to wear the life jacket and will expect you to take the oars and row away.

So, buddy, as you walk to that fork, take a few moments to decide which one you are up for today. But really its nothing to worry about. Your soul already know where it wants to go... so don't let your body confuse you. You have about 10 minutes before you reach that fork. The time is too less for your body, but for your soul it should be an instant.

Good Luck :)

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Why Wait for a Revelation ?

It strikes you out of nowhere, doesn't it ? Suddenly the cobwebs clear - poof! just like that.

It frees your mind, your senses and your soul. And you rebuke it for having taken forever.

It is akin to a long lost love, a husband who takes too long to return home, a friend who just wouldn't listen. And you were right all along. It just took a revelation.

It took a moment of their timeline which prepared them to come to that conclusion, which you may have known much much before them.

But the reason we wait for a revelation is because our souls have a mind of their own. They guide us like gentle spirits. For us to be ready. For us to finally say "Aha".

Aha, the moment has arrived. Now what do you want to do with it ?

Monday, July 11, 2011


As of today, it is no longer going to be dreams, what could have, what should have.
It's going to be manifesting and I am going to be doing it

It's a simple cork board really. The cork board will consist of everything. simply everything I've thought of, imagined of, lost, almost gained - just about anything.

The objective is to chase after all my woulda, shoulda, coulda with a club.

So, here I go.

My First V is ME.